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???; fourth wall

[...This all would be a lot more enjoyable if the past week hadn't been so shitty.

"This all" being the sudden reappearance of Ondorus' monstrous features; his pointed ears, and the spiral-ridged horn attached to the front of his skull. Along with those comes his magic, with which he patches himself up. All is well...


yeah no not really. He can make an effort not to wallow, but recent events have him in a rather somber mood.

For now, though? He's got his species back. He's got his magic back. He can play with his Pokemon (...the ones still with him), showing them forms of different elemental spells. Deliberately avoiding any earth-based ones. He can let them touch his ears and poke his horn, just sort of...existing in monstery solidarity.

And hey, look! Wherever they happen to be at the moment, chances are they're not alone. A small, ever-changing crowd of other monsters are here to play. Some slimes, some weegulls, some ants, the occasional buffamoo or mushroom, a handful of ignis and tundras...and, of course...

...a big cuddly pile of woolies. Because it's not a rune party until the woolies arrive. also ondorus emits wooly magnet beams or something

The univir's smiles are a little forced, but the atmosphere of serenity is real, wherever they happen to be. Come hug a wooly. You know you want to.]
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[This place has gone absolutely nuts, even by Johto stanards. Utena's head is spinning - she hardly knows where she is anymore. She closes her eyes to center herself and takes a few deep breaths. That's when she feels something... woolly? brush up against her legs. And something fluffy. And then something....slimyyyeargh oh god oh god her eyes are wide open now. Utena jerks up, biting back a surprised noise, and gapes at the trail of pokemon walking past her. But, they aren't like any pokemon she's ever seen before. She takes a moment to wipe off the slime, and follows after them. Just where are they going?]
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[...and what's up with that guy? He looks like one of those people who got hit with the mutations a while back. As she follows the monsters and gets closer, though, she starts to realize how familiar he looks. If you took a way the horns and ears... didn't she talk to him over the network a couple times?]


[tries to run up to him, but slows down, in an effort not to trample over the strange creatures that are gathering around him]

Hey, uh, this is a long-shot, but do you know what's going on around here?

[Nooot going to bring up the horn, or the ears, or anything else weird about him yet. At least, not yet. The mutations kind of disensitized her to that particular bit of strangeness]
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No, no, I'm fine, just... confused, I guess. I mean, one minute I was out on the streets, and now I'm here. That's kind of weird, even for this place, isn't it?
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Really? Wait... do you know what route that was, exactly? I'm still trying to figure out where "here" is, to be honest.
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Route 39?! But that's at least a week away from Goldenrod! How did we-

[stops herself, and takes a deep breath]

...nevermind. [He just said he was trying to figure this out too, didn't he?] But, what about these little guys? Were they here when you got here, or...?

[Glancing back at the monsters. After all, they do seem rather fond of him. Fonder than most wild pokemon would be, anyway]
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....sooo, short version: everything's gone nuts. [Scratches the back of her head] But, you said the logic had been changed...well, what's the new logic? Assuming there is any logic, I mean.